Dams and Hydropower

In Germany, in particular the rehabilitation of old dams and the adaptation of the dams and dikes to the today's standards and codes of practice is of importance. Furthermore, a vast number of dams for hydropower generation, water supply, flood protection and raw material supply have been and are being built all over the world. This includes the construction of concrete and masonry dams (gravity dams, arch dams or double curvature arch dams) as well as earth and rock fill dams and dikes with different cross sections. Internationally dams made of roller compacted concrete (RCC dams) are being built frequently.

For pumped storage hydropower plants, which are amongst other needed for the intermediate storage of renewable energy, the construction of upper and lower reservoirs is required, which also can be surrounded and stored respectively by dams and dikes. In addition galleries and adits as well as shafts and caverns are constructed to be used for the energy generation from hydropower.

As a leading and globally recognized company in this area we like to offer you support during planning, design and construction of all civil structures for the above mentioned use. As in all our projects, we are benefitting from our extensive know-how in geotechnical engineering and in connection with the interaction between ground and structure.


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