Deep Construction and Foundations

Technology of special deep construction and foundation engineering are being used in a wide variety. Slurry trench walls, bored pile walls and the Berlin support system are used, for example for supporting construction pits. In the case of excavation pits which reach into the groundwater table and are located in soils, also the invert of the pit must be stabilized and supported respectively. This can be achieved not only by implementing an underwater concrete floor, but also by construction of a jet grouting invert.

It goes without saying that jet grouting, high pressure injections, compensation grouting as well bored piles play also an essential role in foundation and underpinning of buildings. For temporary support also ground freezing can become necessary.

Slurry trench walls and thin walls can also be used as sealing elements in dikes and dams. A sealing effect and ground improvement can also be achieved by other means, such as for example deep or Cutter Soil Mixing (CSM) as well as grouting.

Deep compaction (dynamic compaction by means of falling weights, vibroflotation and vibrocompaction) are often used to improve the bearing capacity of the ground, and to protect roads in areas which are prone to the risk of earth fall and sinkhole development. By using geosynthetics as reinforcement, the latter can also be protected against sinkholes.

The planning and design of permanent or temporary dewatering measures belongs to this field of activity, as does the use of geothermal energy by means of shallow and deep drillings.

Due to our high level of expertise and flexibility, we can actively and with great competence support clients and construction companies in the fields of special deep construction, foundation engineering and underpinning of buildings.


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