Tunnels and Mining

Tunneling is of essential importance for the infrastructure. Tunnels are required for creation and preserving of an effective infrastructure for roads, railway lines as well as light trains and subways. Most of the mined tunnels are either excavated by mechanized tunneling methods (tunnel boring machines - TBM) or by conventional tunneling methods, the so-called shotcrete method, which internationally is often referred to as the New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM). Especially for railway tunnels, the area of rehabilitation of old tunnels, if required during operation, becomes more and more relevant.

In addition to infrastructure projects, tunnels and underground structures for water supply and water disposal are being often built, often by means of pipe jacking or microtunneling. Also adits and galleries as well as shafts and caverns are constructed for the use of hydropower.

As one of the world's largest engineers companies in this field, WBI provides you state of the art engineering support in tunneling and deep mining. Our competence is not limited only to new construction and rehabilitation of tunnels, but also to technical installations and equipment respectively, as well safety and rescue concepts. Especially for urban tunnel construction, the use of geothermal energy is also part of our field of activities.


Dams and Hydropower

Deep Construction and Foundations

Slopes and Embankments

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