Time Line

  • 2014 Establishment of Branch Mexico
  • 2013 New Corporate Design and new Headquarter in Weinheim
  • 2012 Sponsor of ITA World Tunnel Congress Bangkok, Thailand
  • 2011 Establishment of Branch Bulgaria/Sponsor of 1st Bulgarian Conference on Geotechnical Engineering and Tunneling
  • 2011 Sponsor of ITA World Tunnel Congress Helsinki, Finland
  • 2010 Support of German Railways during public Mediation for the Project Stuttgart 21
  • 2009 Sponsor of ITA World Tunnel Congress Budapest, Hungary
  • 2008 Establishment of Branch Mexico
  • 2007 Sponsor of ITA World Tunnel Congress Prag, Czech Republic
  • 2006 WBI wins Soccer Cup "Buschtunnel"
  • 2004 First WBI-International Shortcourse on Advanced Rock Engineering
  • 2001 Charity Ball and Celebration of 20-years of Business
  • 2000 Launch of the Series of Lecture Events WBI-Forum
  • 1998 First WBI-Letter
  • 1998 Creation of Geotechnical Laboratory
  • 1998 First Volume of WBI-Publication Series WBI-PRINT
  • 1992 Moving to WBI-Building
  • 1989 Establishment of Branch Stuttgart
  • 1984 Moving to larger Offices
  • 1980/1981 Establishment of WBI/Start of Operation

The Company WBI

Prof. Dr. Walter Wittke

WBI is a family-run company. We are especially proud of our committed and competent employees who come from 5 different countries. Our main objective is to support our clients throughout the projects in a highly qualified manner and in due time. We want to contribute to the process to finalize the projects in a safe and economic way. For this we set up project teams. Our structure enables an effective collaboration between the experienced and the young engineers. We try to be at least one step ahead in our business segments also by means of permanent research and development works. This is also expressed through the numerous publications of our team members. Furthermore, we put large efforts in the encouragement of the upcoming generations.

The Story of Success

WBI (Wittke Beratende Ingenieure) was founded in 1980 as Prof. Dr.-Ing. W. Wittke Consulting Engineers for Tunneling and Geotechnical Engineering Ltd. in Aachen. From the beginning we have been deeply involved in tunneling construction in the city of Stuttgart, Germany. The focus here was on the construction of the suburban railroad. Due to the large number of projects in Baden-W├╝rttemberg we founded our branch in Stuttgart in 1989.

A closer look to our project list reveals however, that since our foundation we are and have been working all over Germany. Another outstanding project was certainly the new railway line from Cologne to Frankfort. Here our tunneling expertises became famous in the professional world as "Wittke I" and "Wittke II". We are very proud that our prediction  of the required amount of support for this project only differed by 5 % from the realization. We constantly challenge ourselves to make similar forecasts for all our construction projects.

In connection with the final repositories for radioactive waste in the mines Konrad and Morsleben in Germany, as well the shaft Gorleben, we carried out extensive research and development work to support our client from the geotechnical point of view.

Also in the vicinity of Aachen we were deeply involved in a number of projects. For example we have elaborated the detailed design for the new Buschtunnel and the rehabilitation of the old Buschtunnel, the oldest railway tunnel in Germany. Furthermore, we were deeply involved in design and supervision for the rehabilitation of the Urft Dam, where for the first time in Germany, an inspection gallery has been constructed by smooth blasting in the dam body without lowering the storage level. Similarly spectacular was the rehabilitation of the Eder Dam by installing approx. 70 m long tendons.

Our activities have extended to other countries especially over the last ten years. In the meantime, approx. 50 % of our annual turnover results from international projects, e. g. in Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, the Czech Republic and Hungary. Outside of Europe in the last years we e. g. have been involved in projects in Iran, Israel, Mexico and Pakistan.

We consider ourselves as a leading company in our areas of expertise. Especially the realistic understanding of interaction between structure and ground is in the focus of our work. For decades we have invested in scientific research in this field, taking into consideration that a nowadays research is the one that guarantees the work for tomorrow. We make all efforts that the results our research and development work (R&D) are valuable for the projects in which we are involved. In this context we are especially proud of our R&D work in connection with tunneling in swelling rock which now lasts for more than 30 years. The results of this work provide an important basis for the design of the tunnels of the large railway project Stuttgart 21.

We also try to share the results of our engineering research work with the professional societies. Therefore, we have set-up our own publication series WBI-PRINT. Furthermore, we organize and host the International Shortcourse on Advanced Rock Engineering since 2004.

In connection with project implementation we assist the project owners, public reviewing authorities, contractors and other involved parties in different roles. We always place great importance on doing our job for the sake of a successful project. For our work we can rely on our highly qualified employees, a geotechnical and rock mechanical laboratory and in-house developed software for finite element calculations.

We are proud to have worked multiple times for almost all our clients. We consider this a sign that our quality and absolute punctuality are convincing. We feel obliged to provide corresponding services also in the future and  aim to further extend our range of services.