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About us

Art of engineering on the highest level for the benefit of our clients and society – this is our mission

WBI (Wittke Beratende Ingenieure) was founded in 1980 by Prof. Dr. Ing. Dr. Ing. E.h. Walter Wittke in Aachen as a spin-off from the RWTH (Technical University) Aachen. Since then, WBI has developed into a global, independent boutique engineering company headquartered in Weinheim, Germany, with subsidiaries in Aachen/Germany, Guadalajara/México, Santiago de Chile and Lima, Perú. We are specialized in civil, structural, geotechnical and rock mechanical engineering for Tunnels & Underground structures, Mining, Dams & Hydropower, Slopes & Embankments, Deep Construction & Foundations. Based on our expertise in both Geotechnical and Structural Engineering as well as their interaction, on our proprietary programs for numerical analysis and on our long-term focus on applied science, we engineer global infrastructure projects in smarter, better, safer, more economical, and more sustainable ways.

  • Pioneers in engineering with more than 250 projects in more than 40 countries.
  • Over 50 years of experience.
  • We cover the whole range of planning and design as well as ground and tunneling expertise, review of designs, site supervision, monitoring and technical advisory and expert services.
  • Examples for projects include ~75 km urban tunneling for the Mega-Railway project Stuttgart -Ulm, an 18 km long and 30 m deep slurry trench wall at the Dead Sea in Israel, and the roller compacted concrete dam El Zapotillo in Mexico, which was designed for a height of 130 m above foundation.
  • Family owned and family operated.
  • In-house geotechnical laboratory for standard testing and R&D works.
  • Proprietary programs for numerical analyses.
  • More than 35 years of experience in the application of the Finite Element method in geotechnics. Extensive knowledge based on the calibration of all models with the aid of measuring results.
  • Proprietary models for the realistic modeling of all relevant structural and hydraulic characteristics of a rock mass in AJRM.
  • Certified BIM specialists; proprietary Building Information Modeling system (WBIM).