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Applied research in context with projects – examples

Material development

Slurry trench wall in saline surrounding

  • Suspension to support the trench made of local clay instead of bentonite
  • Brine concrete
  • Development of materials
  • Investigation of long-term durability
Creep of rock salt
  • Development of material law for primary, secondary, tertiary creep
  • Development of software system for modeling
  • Investigations regarding the possibility to transform sedimentary rock into an earth mud (EPB)
  • Study on the adhesion of claystones
  • Study on the conditioning of sands and cemented sands
  • Heading concepts for sedimentary rocks in order to avoid problems
Permeability of rock
  • Development of special testing technology to determine the permeability of low-permeable rock salt
  • Development of cement paste grouting in ground condition with high permeability and groundwater flow in highly permeable soil and groundwater flow
  • Ultra-fine cement, PU and acrylate gel for grouting of rock masses with low permeability. Reached down to 10-8 – 10-9 m/s
  • Special measurement technology
  • Development of concept for grouting of anhydritic rock mass

  • Influence on structures
  • Achievable output