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Special deep construction, construction pits, foundations, underpinning

In connection with infrastructure projects, hydraulic structures and other structures, we participate in the design and construction of numerous special deep construction works as well as construction pits and foundations. This also includes the development of innovative solutions for special problems:

  • Mixed-in-place 
  • Dynamic compaction
  • Slurry trench walls 
  • Vibro pressure compaction
  • Bored pile walls 
  • Geosynthetics, geogrids
  • Berlin type support systems 
  • Ground freezing
  • Underwater concrete slabs 
  • Grouting
  • Jet grouting 
  • Ground water management
  • Solving special problems for special situations, such as the development of new materials for a slurry trench wall in saline environment at the Dead Sea
  • Slurry trench wall: 18 km long, 30 m deep, in saline environment
  • Stuttgart 21, grouting in anhydritic rock: > 600 km drillholes, kf 10-9m/s
  • Construction pit for lock Uelzen II: nearly 14.000 m2
  •  jet grouting bottom slab. Sealing of leakages without flooding the construction pit
  • Underpinning heavy traffic road bridge for construction of railway tunnel: foundation piles of bridge reach into tunnel cross-section