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Hydraulic structures – dams, hydropower, dikes, locks

As a globally recognized engineering company, we provide support in the design and construction of all civil engineering facilities for

  • the rehabilitation of old dam structures
  • the in-depth inspection of existing dams
  • the construction of dam structures for hydropower plants, water supply and flood protection
  • the construction of galleries and shaft structures as well as caverns for hydropower plants
  • lock structures for waterway expansions or for the replacement of existing structures. Particularly, the realization of complex excavation pits next to mostly sensitive existing structures
  • Pumped storage power plants

As in all our projects, we synergistically apply our extensive know-how in rock mechanics, rock construction and the interaction of ground and structure.

  • Global scope
  • Hydraulic structures: > 60
  • Galleries: > 25; total length ~250 km
  • Caverns: 3.000 MW HEPP Karun III