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Numerical analyses & statical proofs

WBI, as well as WBI’s senior director, have been leaders in the field of numerical analysis in geotechnical engineering since its early developments in the 1970s. With our proprietary and practical models and computer codes, we can realistically describe the properties of soil, rock mass and structure, the seepage flow and the ground – structure interaction, and are thus able to simulate complex 3D problems and complicated construction processes and to generate predictions with mm accuracy.

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Basis for dimensioning and design

  • Stresses, strains, normal forces, dimensioning, elasto-viscoplastic
  • Simulation of all essential elements of ground and structure, isotropic/anisotropic
  • Mohr-Coulomb, Cam-Clay, 3D-consolidation (Biot)
  • Swelling of anhydrite
  • Creep of salt rock
  • Earthquake (time-history analyses)
  • Deometrically non-linear
  • Isotropic/anisotropic, piezometric heights, seepage quantities, seepage forces
  • Steady-state and transient
  • Double-porous (Karst)
  • Two-phase flow
  • Temperature calculations
  • Seepage flow and temperature
  • Contaminant transport with gases and fluids
  • Gas transport
  • Diffusion