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Construction monitoring is an essential element of supervision and control, serving as a basis for calibration and possible adjustments to modeling and planning.

Especially in TBM tunneling, but also in other construction projects, a large quantity of data accumulates that needs to be processed, evaluated, and made accessible to project participants in a timely, comprehensive, and understandable manner. To fulfill this task effectively, we have incorporated a corresponding module in our WBIM model. This module is programmed to be quickly adapted to the specific project and its requirements/data. The data are automatically read in and evaluated and presented in daily reports. The evaluations and visualizations are designed to enable a rapid engineering assessment of the essential values.

Long-term monitoring can also be beneficial after completion of construction to ensure safety and operational reliability. A typical example are creep slopes. In these cases, we follow the same procedure approach, albeit with a much smaller data volume and larger measurement intervals.

during construction, automated, with WBIM

during construction, automated, with WBIM, for example for

  • Tunneling
  • Geotechnical structures
  • Grouting

after construction, during operation