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Sustainability & social responsibility


Climate change poses a major risk for humanity, and all areas of society have to contribute to lowering greenhouse gas emissions. WBI is an expert in optimizing the design of conventional tunnels to achieve a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and energy and raw material use, and thus also cost. We are also involved in the combination of tunnel design and construction with geothermal energy production, especially for inner-city tunnels, for major contributions to climate protection.

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Article - Tunnel 06/2022

WBI-Letter 2021

We also apply the highest sustainability standards at our “WBI Center”. We use green energy (including energy from our own solar panels), long-distance heating.

Social responsibility

WBI proactively supports social causes within its community and is proud to support our employees by providing an intellectually stimulating work environment with exciting projects and learning opportunities while also balancing work and family life. We proudly support organizations dedicated to improving the lives of children in our community as well as organizations that promote academic excellence and talent in civil engineering. Examples include: