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WBI Articles

We regularly report on our projects and R&D activities in relevant technical journals and other professional publications.

Selected publications are made available to the interested professional community here.

We would like to point out at this point that the contents of the publications are protected by copyright. We ask that you quote the publications accordingly. If you wish to use images, prior approval is required. Please contact us for this purpose (


Life cycle assessment for infrastructure projects - principles, procedure, examples, approaches for minimisation (in German only)
Saving CO₂ emissions and costs with lining construction method (in German only)
Airport Central Access. Comparison of measurement results and forecasts. Impressive development of rock mechanics (in German only)
TBM Headings in Jointed Rock


Saving Energy and Resources and Reducing the Carbon Footprint by Innovations in Tunnel Construction
Portrait: Walter Wittke works as an expert in underground rock mechanics worldwide (in German only)
Airport tunnel - Cavity construction in pre-loaded claystone of Lias α
Grouting in permeable soils (in German only)
The new Hanau-Fulda and Fulda-Eisenach railway construction, challenges of working in red sandstone (in German only)
TBM excavation in red sandstone for the Neuer Schlüchterner Tunnel - Lessons learned (in German only)
Conventional tunnelling in coarse-grained soils (in German only)


Design and Construction of Tunnels in Jointed Rock According to the AJRM Method – P. 1
Design and Construction of Tunnels in Jointed Rock According to the AJRM Method– P. 2
Requirements for annular gap mortar for TBM driven tunnels with single segmental lining
Feuerbach Tunnel - manufacture of a high-grade reinforced concrete inner shell in anhydrite-bearing rock
Railway prject Stuttgart–Ulm, launching area Station South: Full face heading with large cross sections
10⁻⁷ - 10⁻¹⁰ m/s: Goal achieved - successful completed grouting of anhydrite for the Stuttgart 21 project tunnels (in German only)
Grouting for TBM drives in variable solid rock (in German only)
Underground connection of Stuttgart Airport to the new Stuttgart-Ulm line (in German only)
Stuttgart-Ulm railway project: Underpassing the Bruckwiesenwegbrücke and the DB line to Ulm with the tunnels to Obertürkheim (in German only)
Excavation of large cross-sections in leached gypsum keuper under buildings in full face boring and comparison with advanced sidewall excavation (in German only)


Stuttgart 21 – 17 kilometres tunnelling in anhydrite: Lessons learned
Tunnels to Bad Cannstatt - Undercrossing a long distance heat pipeline
Grouting for sealing of jointed rocks in the vicinity of the tunnels of the railway project Stuttgart-Ulm


Red Line Tel Aviv: Planning and construction of the TBM tunnels of the eastern section - P. 1
Red Line Tel Aviv: Planning and construction of the TBM tunnels of the eastern section - P. 2
Application of an annular gap grout including phosphates for TBM tunneling in anyhdrite in the Fildertunnel
Sealing the transition zone between unleached and leached gypsum keuper by grouting
Large cross-sections in the approach area of the South Central Station, stability analysis, sinkhole forecasts and construction management aspects (in German only)
The AJRM model as a basis for economical and reliable design and construction of tunnels in jointed rock (in German only)
Injection of acrylate gel and polyurethane to seal the anhydrite-containing gypsum keuper in the area of the tunnels to Ober- and Untertürkheim (in German only)
Planning and production of inner shells in swelling rock with high reinforcement strengths (in German only)
Boßler Tunnel: Influence of rock mechanics on the tunneling concept – tendering and execution


Green Line Qatar: Conventional tunnel headings - design and construction on the basis of the AJRM Method
Filder Tunnel and tunnels to Ober- and Untertürkheim
Tunnel to Bad Cannstattof the large-scale railway project Stuttgart-Ulm - subsidence and settlements in the urban area of Stuttgart, prediction and measurements results
Ehmannstraße traffic interchange structure, structural analysis and design (in German only)
Design and reinforcement of reinforced concrete inner lining in anhydrite rocks (in German only)
Design and construction of grouting in anhydrite-containing gypsum keuper (in German only)
WBIM - appropriate use of BIM in tunnelling (in German only)
Red Line, Tel Aviv, Eastern Section - Influence of the properties of the annular gap mortar on the design of the segment lining (in German only)
El Zapotillo - a 130 m high reinforced concrete dam with a special foundation (in German only)


AJRM as basis for design and construction of more than 70 km of tunnels of the Railway Project Stuttgart-Ulm
Tunnels to Feuerbach and Bad Cannstatt for the Stuttgart 21 project - Injections to restrict ingressing water in rock containing anhydrite
Design of the tunnels for the Red Line of the Tel Aviv light rail system, Israel (in German only)
Results of a field test for sealing low-permeability rock with acrylate gel (in German only)
Constitutive law, calculation method, rock mechanical parameters and structural design for tunnels in anhydrite rock (in German only)


Tunneling in rock containing anhydrite
B 10 Rosenstein Tunnel – Designing a geothermal energy system in a spa protection area
Construction accident on the A 643 Mainz-Mombach junction (Rheinbrücke Schierstein). In German only
Tunneling large cross-sections under the Kriegsberg (in German only)
Crumple zone versus U-profile in swelling gypsum keuper (in German only)
Mining undercrossing of the Ehmannstraße - hermit beetle above the roof and mineral water below the bottom (in German ony)
Control of horizontal stresses during the construction of the airport railway station (in German only)


Exploratory structure at access adit Umpfental of Boßlertunnel, evaluation and interpretation (Summary also in English)
Design Concepts for Tunnels located in Swelling Claystone with Anhydrite (Summary also in English)
Tunnel to Ober-/Untertürkheim, Intermediate Access Ulmer Straße Control of Water Inflow in the Area of the Leaching Front (Summary also in English)
Fundamentals for Design and Dimensioning of the Internal Lining of Tunnels in anhydritic Rocks (Summary also in English)
Ground conditions of the large-scale railway project Stuttgart – Ulm (Summary also in English)
Experience with tunnel structures in Gypsum Keuper (Summary also in English)
Excavation of tunnels in unleached Gypsum Keuper by conventional means (Summary also in English)
Excavation of highway tunnel underneath a river valley