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Dr.-Ing. Martin Wittke

What I love about my profession …
“I dreamt of being a civil engineer ever since I was a young boy. As a civil engineer we are finding solutions for complex structures contributing to the progress of society. It is a pleasure to follow this vocation in the environment of our WBI family.”

Dr.-Ing. Martin Wittke joined WBI in 2001 and became a member of the Board of Management in 2007. At WBI, he is leading the specialist IT development and the BIM department, and he has contributed to the realization of

  • more than 20 railway tunnels with a total length of ~150 km, including surface and underground stations as well as shafts
  • more than 15 road tunnels with a total length of ~45 km, including cuts in the portal area as well as ventilation and emergency shafts
  • 3 galleries with a total length of 13 km
  • more than 15 dams and hydropower structures including caverns
  • more than 10 geotechnical structures

Amongst many other projects, he has made important contributions to the mega-railway project Stuttgart 21 with ~75 km of tunnels in urban environment, as well as to the realization of an 18 km long and 30 m deep slurry trench wall in the salinar environment of the Dead Sea.

Dr.-Ing. Martin Wittke graduated with excellent results in civil engineering (structural) from the Technical University (RWTH) Aachen and completed his PhD in Rock Mechanics (tunneling in anhydrite) in 2003 at the same university as an external student, working at WBI company at the same time.

He is deeply passionate about the civil engineering profession and is regularly publishing in the field and speaking at international congresses and symposiums. He is an active member of the International Society for Rock Mechanics (ISRM) and the Engineering Chamber in Germany. He is also a member of the Studienstiftung des deutschen Volkes, an organization dedicated to supporting the academically gifted, and volunteers with this organization on a regular basis