As an experienced engineering company we cover all fields of activities in connection with planning, design, consulting, guidance and supervision of construction as well as supervision of completed structures. We work for project owners, contractors as well as review authorities and all other parties involved in the course of construction.

Our team structure is project oriented and thus we are able to react on short notice to all requests from our clients. The management as well as the experienced engineers of our team are deeply involved from the beginning to the end in all our projects and also are responsible for communication with our clients and partners.

By means of our internal Quality Management System, which amongst other things, consists of the consequent use of the four eye principle, guarantees a highly qualified work in due time throughout the projects.

We are proud that by using our methods we were able to contribute to a large degree that many of our projects have been completed in a safe way and within the envisaged budget and time frame. We have been and still are involved in all phases of the projects in different roles. Regardless however which task we are assigned, we always put all our efforts to assist our clients for the sake of the project under consideration of the interests of all involved parties.


In general our teams are organized following the needs of the projects and thus can be easily and fast adapted to the requirements. Each member of the management team guides several working groups. Each of these groups, which consist of maximum 4 to 5 engineers, again is guided by an experienced engineer of our team. During our work on the project we hold regular meetings. The results of the meetings are summarized in writing in internal minutes, which are distributed to all members of the team.

The project teams have access to our service departments to which the CAD-design office, the computer department, the geotechnical laboratory, the financial department and the secretariat belong. Also the responsible people for quality and risk management as well as the research and development team are involved in the project work as required. In any case we consider it of great importance that all our team members can rely on state of the art technique and software in order to enable a comfortable and effective working procedure. For example we continuously invest a larger amount in our computer systems and have a modern, fully equipped geotechnical laboratory. Also in the field of software engineering we provide our employees state of the art program systems, which are being developed inhouse.

Furthermore, we have introduced a competence structure, which is not directly related to our projects. Each member of our team works on one or more special topics in connection and besides the regular project work. The special topics are all related to our areas of expertise. During regular training events our employees mutually inform themselves on projects and new developments in the various fields. We thus guarantee that we will still be leading in our fields of activities in the future.

Explorations and Expert Opinions

  • Exploration Programs including Tendering
  • Geotechnical Mapping
  • Supvervision of Exploratory Works
  • Soil and Rock Mechanical Testing
  • Ground Expertises including Groundwater Conditions
  • Tunneling Expertises
  • Foundation Expertises

Design in all Phases including Tender Documents

  • Elaboration of Fundamentals for the Project
  • Basic and Preliminary Design
  • Design for Public Permission
  • Tender Design
  • Detailed Design
  • Tender Documents
  • Tendering Process


  • Independent Review of Expertises, Reports and Designs
  • Review Engineer of the German Railway Authority
  • Experts for Geotechnical Engineering and Tunneling

Guidance during Construction

  • Site Supervision
  • General Supervision
  • Special Supervision
  • Controling
  • Safety and Health Management
  • Claim Management
  • Documentation of Works

Expert Opinions and Consulting Services

  • Expertises on Damages
  • Expertises for Court Cases
  • Project Management
  • Risk Management
  • Long-term Supervision and Assessment of Stability of Structures
  • Mediation Procedures