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Lectures given at the 7th Rock Mechanics and Tunneling Day at the WBI Center, Weinheim.

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Rock mechanics and tunneling issues in national and international projects


On June 23, 2022, the 7th Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling Day took place again in the familiar surroundings of the WBI Center in Weinheim after the corona-related restrictions were lifted. The number of 250 participants convinced us that the event has now found a permanent place in the calendars of many colleagues. The program was once again impressive and interesting.

The Mayor of Weinheim welcomed the participants and emphasized the importance of the event and the close ties between WBI GmbH and the city. The subsequent presentations by Mr. Bergmann and MR Prof. Marzahn provided a good overview of the upcoming major projects of DB and the road construction administration. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Leger.

Dr. Bettina Wittke-Schmitt introduced this year’s winner of the Walter Wittke Prize, Prof. Samorodov from Kharkiv/Ukraine, who was unable to come to Weinheim in person due to the war and reported on his research via video. Even though his work does not deal with rock mechanics, his explanations were very interesting. And in view of the damage to the geotechnical institute caused by the war, support for the continuation of teaching and research in the field of rock mechanics and geotechnics was urgently needed. In the meantime, Prof. Samorodov has personally accepted the award during a visit to Weinheim.

The next block of topics was dedicated to major infrastructure projects. Mr. Alexander Nolte (co-author Mr. Rainer Lehmann) spoke about the future of the Frankfurt junction and specifically about the planned long-distance railway tunnel and Mr. Olaf Drescher spoke about additional infrastructure projects in Stuttgart. Dr. Frank Abel’s presentation on the Copenhagen Metro’s Branch off to Sydhavn concluded this challenging series of lectures, which was expertly chaired by Mr. Kubick.

The first session of the afternoon was dedicated to tunnel construction in coarse and fine-grained soils. Dr. Patricia Wittke-Gattermann and Dr. Martin Wittke were able to show that conventional tunnelling in sand is possible if apparent cohesion is taken into account. A groundwater model for urban railroad construction in the tertiary sands and clays in Munich was the topic of the presentation by Mr. Franz-Xaver Trauner. Götz Tintelnot and Dieter Schmitt reported on acrylate gel injections in tertiary sands. The presentation on the Rastatt Tunnel had to be postponed until next year for contractual reasons. Overall, the presentations at this session, which was also brilliantly chaired by Mr. Leger, showed significant progress for tunnel construction in unconsolidated rock.

The last session was dedicated to tunnel construction in red sandstone and was very competently chaired by Mr. Bolte. Mr. Jochen Stüting, Mr. Bert Bohlmann, Dr. Martin Wittke and Prof. Dr. Walter Wittke reported on the challenges we face in the planning and construction of the new Hanau – Fulda – Eisenach line. Dr. Stefan Franz, who is responsible for the ongoing tunnel projects along the BAB 44 on the client side, reported on his experience with conventional tunnelling in red sandstone. In conclusion, Bernd Rosenberg, Holger Kammel and Dr. Bettina Wittke-Schmitt made it clear that the Schlüchterner DB Tunnel provides a range of experience that is important for future mechanized tunnelling in red sandstone.

We would like to take this opportunity to expressly thank the members of the advisory board for their dedicated support in preparing the conference program and all the speakers for their highly interesting contributions. We would also like to thank DB Netz AG for its support and the ideal support of the VDI Working Group on Construction Technology of the Württemberg Engineering Association.

As announced, the publishers of the written version of the papers have decided this year to make them available in digital form.

We wish you a stimulating read and hope to welcome you again to the 8th Rock Mechanics and Tunnelling Day on June 22, 2023 at the WBI Center.


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