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WBI-Print 10

20 years of WBI – Lectures of the seminar given in celebration of the 20th anniversary of WBI GmbH.

This publication is only available in German.


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  • Tunnel construction for rail and road
    Dipl.-Ing. E. Will – Dipl.-Ing. R. Baur – Dipl.-Ing.
    Dipl.-Ing. H.-J. Kleffner – Dipl.-Ing. B. Belter
  • Dam construction
    Dr.-lng. B. Wittke-Schmitt – Dipl.-Ing. H.-J. Küpper – Dipl.-Ing. D. Schmitt – Dipl.-Ing. H. Polczyk
  • Research and development projects at WBI
    Dr.-lng . T. Hochgürtel – Dr.-lng . B. Wittke-Schmitt – Dr.-lng .
    Dr.-lng . P. Wittke-Gattermann – Dipl.-Geol. C. Wawrzyniak
  • Planning abroad
    B.Sc . M.Sc. A. Ephrati – Dr. C. Tsitouras